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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like my agency to go through the ISP process, how do I become involved?
Due to staff and financial limitations, the ISP team is only able to work with a limited number of sites for each grant period. If your agency is in Iowa, if you are interested in participating in the three-year process and have yet to be contacted by an ISP team member, feel free to contact ISP at and they will keep your stated interest in mind for future grants.

I do not live in Iowa and would like to replicate your process in my area; could ISP provide assistance?
Due to grant limitations, ISP is currently not able to provide national technical assistance. However, ISP will answer inquiries to the best of their ability about resources and their own process.

Does ISP provide direct services to substance abusing battered women?
No. ISP provides educational and technical assistance for substance abuse and domestic violence agencies to enhance their direct services to substance abusing battered women.

What is your relationship to UNI and ICADV?
ISP is based at UNI Department of Social Work and the principal investigator for their research projects, Bill Downs, is a social work professor. ISP is partnered with ICADV, who provides management support of their grant funds.

How do you choose sites to work with in Iowa?
Initially, ISP worked with the sites that expressed the most interest in changing their services to meet the needs of substance abusing battered women. Since that time, due to the promise that was made to the women involved in the original research project, ISP has primarily worked with the agencies involved in the original research. Currently, ISP takes the size of the catchment area, the location of the site and ISP team members, and the number of women served by the agencies. Also, since ISP is funded by a rural grant through OVW, the counties that work with ISP must be considered rural by the Office of Rural Health Policy.

The Integrative Services Project was supported under award numbers�2001-DD-BX-0086 and 2004-WR-AX-0034 from the Office on Violence Against �Women, Office of Justice Programs, United States Department of Justice.

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